Q. What are 'Bloodlines'?
There are 4 'Bloodlines' within the game. Each Bloodline has a Discipline as their Bloodline strength (more on disciplines later). Below are the 4 Bloodlines, their source and their Discipline. Each Bloodline has its own icon.


source: Ancient Romanian Vampire
strength: Animalism

With a particular aptitude for animal forms, the Nosferato are excellent shape-shifters. They also possess the uncanny ability to communicate and control numerous animal species. Thus their bloodline strength has become known as "Animalism".

Controversy surrounds their striking appearance, but it is commonly believed to be a physical side effect of shifting into such a variety of animals. It is well known that a favourite form amongst the Nosferato is that of the bat, and it could well be that their natural bat-like appearance stems from this age-old predilection. Interestingly, the more aesthetically pleasing of the bloodline seem almost Elvish in appearance.

Of all the vampire bloodlines, the Nosferato have the longest fangs and are exceptionally strong. Known for their quick temper, they are ruthless, cruel and generally humourless. Most possess average to high intelligence.

They consider themselves to be the first vampire and do not mingle well with those outside the bloodline and generally avoid human contact.


source: A Vampire found mostly (though not exclusively) in the Wallachian region of Romania
strength: Blood Magic

Over the ages, the Muroni have formed a strong, magical bond with blood. This deep union includes the ability to manipulate blood even while still flowing in another creature. Applications of this talent range from spontaneous orificial bleeding to severe occurrences, such as total circulatory system explosions. Muroni vampires make constant use of blood in spellwork and rituals, eventually giving way to their dark art being known as "Blood Magic".

They are the tallest of vampire, with medium to large fangs. Individualistic, they are also mostly gregarious, leaving them self assured to the point of arrogance. Amongst the bloodlines they are known to be as stubborn as they are egotistical, but their blood magic is never taken lightly.

Rational and highly intelligent, the Muroni rely as much on their keen wit as their physical strength. It matters not to the Muroni if one is a vampire or human, as they are entirely apathetic to relationships outside of their own bloodline.

source: A Vampire of legend from the Indian Continent
strength: Spiritus

The Gayal are considered to be the most spiritual amongst vampire. They possess abilities of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) unrivalled by any bloodline. With their deepened gift of perception and honed senses, they are able to communicate and control the spirits of all things dead, including the summoning forth demons and wraiths. They also have the gift of being able to see future events and past events that might have occurred at any given location.Gayals easily leave a trail of desire and want among all kinds, but humans fall prey to their looks the most, finding their vampiric beauty overtly mesmerising. They have short to medium fangs and rely on their wits more than physical strength. Gayals are even-tempered and contemplative. They enjoy company, are likeable and readily seek out human contact.Several references to the Gayal are made in ancient Indian writings, and they are the first vampire to be recorded in human texts.

source: Full name Varacolaci - Mythical Romanian Vampire
strength: Mystical

The Varaco are capable of manipulating nature and the elements, from trees and earth to wind to fire. Their ability to control nature to such fine degrees allows them to seemingly disappear right before your eyes. Any of those who fall victim to the Varaco never see them coming.

It's well known that fire is the most damaging to vampires, and injuries caused from it take the longest to heal. Considering the Varaco have mastered control over this powerful element, it's no surprise that this is one of the most envied abilities among all other bloodlines.

There is a human aphorism that says "The walls have ears", which is directly equivalent to "The Varaco may be near". This is a testament to their capability of remaining unseen. A fortunate benefit of this is: if you need to know what is happening in the world of vampires, the Varaco usually know.

Having medium to large fangs, they are mercurial and quick-witted, generally intelligent and sudden tempered. With an interest for crowds, they are often talkative and enjoy human company and/or companionship.

The Varaco are, according to human myths, the most powerful of all vampires.