On this Index page, you will find a complete list of ALL of the pages on the Wikia, along with a brief description of what's on each page. This will help you get familiar with the Wikia, and learn where to find everything you might be looking for. Regardless of whether you're a new user or player of Vampires: The Darkside and need to absorb as much as you can, or if you're a hardcore veteran who just needs to double-check something - you'll be able to find it within these pages... So, Happy Hunting!

This section allows you to get familiar with both the in-game content, and basics - as well as the Wikia.
Introduction Contains additional "greeting" type information
Index ** You are Here
Play Vampires: The Darkside! URL to the game, Click to play
News & Events In-Game News, as well as important Wikia updates
Focus Essence A new feature, with risk and reward.
Build your Clan Tools and tips to help you reach the magic "501" number
Minor Bloodlines Your own House, a Minor Bloodline? Read on..
Origins Your first step in understanding the storyline of the game
Trinity Introduces you to the Dark Trinity, a central aspect to the game
Blood Wars Talks about the Blood Wars, and prepares you for those in-game events

This section breaks down in more specific detail, the various aspects to the game.
Learning the Game Provides an overview of the following pages
Bloodlines Describes in depth, each of the bloodlines in the game
Relics Describes in depth, each of the relics in the game and how to use them
Slaves Lists each of the slaves, and provides additional information about them
Powers Talks about the various types of power, and how to balance them properly
Powers by Level Shows when each set of powers unlocks, to be bought with Blood, or dropped, etc.
PvP Discussing how to win on the Fight List
PvP Builds Reviews various strategies for building your Stats
Bloodrise Talks about the special aspect to the game
Legends Like being on the Leaderboards? Read on then!
Missions A brief overview of Missions
Standard The standard Missions, Books 1 - 5 (all 5 volumes)
DayWalker Special Daywalker missions are discussed
Trinity Missions Reviewing the Trinity Missions

This section discusses the things you need to know about your profile in the game
Your Profile An overview of your profile in-game
Sanctums Talk and preview of the awesome customized feature in the game
Catacombs A thorough explanation of everything you can find in your Catacombs and how to get them
Special Items
Symbols Each and every symbol in the game, explained
Emotes LOVE using emoticons in the game? Want to know what they all are and how to use them yourself?

This section reveals the many extra features in the game and in the Wikia
Extras A generalization of the things you can get here in the Wikia, or in the game - to enhance your experience
Tutorials A BUNCH of awesome and amazing tutorials, to help you figure out, what you need to learn but just can't seem to grasp yet
Freebies All of the fun and cool stuff available for you to use, that is VDS related!
Lounge A brief description of the in-game feature
Suggestions Make a suggestion for the Wikia or with the Game!
Credits A page all about recognizing the talents behind the game and the Wikia
Bugs Report a Bug with the Wikia!
It's a Secret! ..
Secret #1 ..