Q. What are 'Missions'?
A. 'Missions' are tasks in game. By doing Missions, you can earn blood and experience points. Sometimes certain powers are needed to do specific Missions and that is noted on the individual Mission.

Q. How do I Successfully pass a Mission?
A. Doing a Mission does not guarantee success, and may take several or even hundreds of attempts before you successfully pass the Mission.

You will notice that some sections of the Standard Missions are blank. Some information is still being varified, and some has been left blank intentionally. Make sure you check back for updates.

App 2 133554205878 8786 Standard Missions

App 2 133554205878 8786 DayWalker

App 2 133554205878 8786 Trinity (Missions)

It gets even better. When you click the three links above, you'll be taken to individual pages which go on in further detail about each Set of Mission types. Below however, as a treat - we're including some EXTRA spoiler-type goodness... Rewards for Completing each "Volume" of Standard Missions..

FP, Mind Control [8/25, Mental] 75
FP, Induce Lust [8/28, Mental] 115

3x FP, 1x SP, Harness Rage [26/12, Physical] 116
Flight [27/20, Physical] Flight
Omnipresence [Super Awesome A/D... Supernatural] Omni