Daily Leaderboards

These symbols are awarded for the previous days daily leaderboard places, only one symbol is display no matter how many places are achieved and it is always the highest place finish.

The symbols and meanings are as follows:

  • First - First place any leaderboard
  • Second - Second place any leaderboard
  • Third - Third place any leaderboard
  • Fourth - Fourth and Fifth place any leaderboard
  • Rest - All other places (6th to 20th) any leaderboard

Sire Symbols

These symbols are actually Egyptian Hieratic Numerals, they are purple in color and are awarded to vampires that have sired 25 or more childe. Sire 500 or more and you will create your own minor bloodline.

The symbols and meanings are as follows:

  • S25 - 25 or more childe
  • S50 - 50 or more childe
  • S100 - 100 or more childe
  • S200 - 200 or more childe
  • S300 - 300 or more childe
  • S400 - 400 or more childe
  • S500 - 500 or more childe

Descendant Symbols

There are 2 symbols that make up the descendant symbols, the first is actually an Egyptian Hieratic Numeral and the second is actually a Roman Numeral, they are yellow in color and are awarded to vampires that have 25 or more descendants. The first symbol represents the number of descendants and the second; the number of generations.

Any vampire you sire will be a first generation descendant, your childe's childe's are generation two, your childe's childe's childe's would be generation 3, etc..

The symbols for number of descendant and meanings are as follows:

  • D25 - 25 or more descendants
  • D50 - 50 or more descendants
  • D100 - 100 or more descendants
  • D250 - 250 or more descendants
  • D500 - 500 or more descendants
  • D1000 - 1000 or more descendants

The symbols for number of generations and meanings are as follows (subset of 5 shown):

  • G1 - 1 generation
  • G4 - 4 generations
  • G10 - 10 generations
  • G16 - 16 generations
  • G20 - 20 generations